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Monstera Deliciosa 

Shipping to Manila

Covid 20 has affected many countries around the world. Many countries have to lockdown so that they can control the decease to not spending around. This lockdown makes us spending more time with ourself, family and habitat.


As a trend during the lockdown, people are all more health and natural concern. The demand of indoor plants have been increased dramatically. Those plants are not only give more giving more oxygen to your house, but also being the part of decoration that make your home looks more lively. Unfortunately, the number of the plants in some countries are over prised and not enough supply especially "Philippine". 

On 11th Sep, one of our client ordered 63 Monstera Deliciosa from Thailand. He used the shipping service from our company. This is such a challenge project, because we know that the plants are really difficult to be shipped due to the documents and fragile products. Our professional team worked harder to handle those trees with care and avoid the custom problem. We planned about the project discreetly. Finally, we can satisfy the client by using TG cargo for shipping, hand packing and arraging. Trees are shipped with the perfect condition without any problems from the custom. We are really proud of our team. Another level has been achieved! 

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