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Worldwide distribution is the service of the cross boarder between Thai and Cambodia operated by the Worldwide Cambodia – sub company of Worldwide Logistic. The company has established since 2018. The specialists are ready to help you pack, document forms, ship and declare your shipments to the custom from Cambodia to Thailand.We are willing to help you make the cross boarder service fast and easy. 

Proudly present the solution and service for 

“Cross Border between Thailand 

and Cambodia”.

We are the only provider who has the 

strongest relationship with both countries.


Operated by Specialists

The service has operated by the Worldwide Cambodia. We can assure that your shipment will pass through the custom easily and fastly. 


Perfect Freight for Shipping

We offer the best freights for the customers based on the volume of the shipments. We have both air freight 

and Ocean freight


Discreet Custom Clearance

With the professional experienced staffs, we are proudly to help you to 

declare the shipments without any queries from the customs.

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